Plug&Play (and mobile) connectivity​

The device launcg is fully automated. When Haunt Keeper has been enabled for the first time, the automatic registration process is launched, and the user will automatically receive an SMS and/or email inviting them to join the Haunt Keeper network. ​ The user can take their device anywhere and connect it to any router of any ISP while maintaining the cybersecurity features provided.

Secure and monitored access point

- Secure WiFi access point​. Each Haunt Keeper device has gone through a bastion process, in which all good security practices are applied. Continuous cybersecurity audits are carried out, on both software and hardware.​ The wireless network generated by Haunt Keeper follows the OWISAM framework to guarantee the security of wireless connectivity.
- Intrusion detection and prevention system​. Haunt Keeper deploys an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System focused on the main usage in domestic environments, with the aim of identifying cybersecurity threats and attacks on wireless infrastructure, preventing such threats from materialising.​

Physical-logical segmentation

Haunt Keeper follows the cybersecurity premises of defense in depth. For this reason, it carries out segmentation of the home network with the aim of having a highly secure area (bastion), completely isolated from that generated by the home router.​ This allows users to isolate home working devices from remaining devices (recreational devices, televisions, video consoles, etc.). The Haunt Keeper network keeps high-value assets isolated logically through a firewall, avoiding, for example, the spread of malware as a result of a compromised recreational device.

Regular rotation of strong passwords

The protocols and credentials used by Haunt Keeper are robust and aligned with good cybersecurity practices. Passwords are renewed regularly or are intentionally changed as a safeguard in the event of certain security alerts.

Secure browsing

Haunt Keeper analyses the domains and IP addresses accessed by users with the aim of checking the reputation of the domain they want to access, and if it is of doubtful reputation, issuing an alert and even blocking access.​ ​ This feature protects internet browsing in real time against potential malware threats and fraud, preventing users from connecting to such non-secure domains or sites, keeping them safe from risk.

Remote monitoring, maintenance and updating

The Haunt Keeper router is updated regularly to correct potential cybersecurity problems automatically and transparently for the user. ​ ​

24/7 support for technical incidents and SOC

Haunt Keeper offers uninterrupted service for technical incidents on devices, so that the user feels supported at all times.​ Telephone and email help centre.​ The Wise Security SOC provides a continuous Detection and Response service

Certified notifications and communications

Notifications are sent automatically to users by email and/or SMS, detailing the alert generated, preventive measures taken automatically (e.g., password change) and recommendations. Important communications, such as registration or cancellation of the service, or change of credentials, are carried out through Wise Security's MEE cybernotary, which allows us to ensure the authenticity and integrity of messages and thus prevent phishing or possible MitM attacks.​ ​ The notifications service demonstrates the value of service provided by Haunt Keeper and is key to generating a home cybersecurity environment for the end user.

Security alerts and monthly report

If abnormal behaviour is detected on the network, the user receives a security alert indicating the date, description and actions executed, as well as a series of recommendations.​ In addition, the user receives a monthly report on the security alerts generated on the Haunt Keeper device.


Dashboard access displaying device deployment and history of detected incidents.


Leave us your email and we will send you all the technical and installation details of Haunt Keeper.